Pay Per Click

The point is everybody wants their website to rank at the top when the search engines fetch the results. How do you reach there? Adopt PPC, and as the name suggests you pay for the advertising campaign and get assured of finding your website at the top most position whenever someone queries your product/ service or related business types.

Every click is counted and demands payment which makes it easy to exercise a control over the budget and ensured return on investment. We have an excellent team highly skilled in rendering PPC services at its best. Through continuous monitoring and research we have been reviving the skills of our staff to develop an unique strategy of getting PPC done for each of our clients.

How we do it?


We believe “Customer is King” and their satisfaction is our requirement. At Taurus Web Solutions, our team has an effective strategy devised for each and every task that we undertake. We start our work through a research in the relevant business, competitor and UPS areas and educate our clients regarding the same. Based on the discussions with you we will formulate a strategy that fits well into the PPC campaign you choose.

Keyword Research:

You want your money to yield results and this is what our PPC campaign will do through keywords that are highly prominent and relevant.

Ad Extensions:

PPC and Ad Extensions are like heart and brain to the body and the process is a failure without the presence of either, while only one exists. What it does is amazing as it converts the ad texts according to your customer needs from the business point of view. This will bring your business into the limelight highlighting how you stand apart from your competitors.

Building Accounts:

Once we have the strategy developed, you will need accounts on established networks. We will ensure that you own the accounts and it is our responsibility to introduce you to the network owners.

Reporting and tracking:

For developing an unbeatable strategy, it is always suggestible to have a proper tracking set up and we do it. It is our responsibility to update our clients what is happening in the PPC campaign and the results that it delivers. Through these reports our clients can track for themselves how effective the PPC campaign is in taking their business towards success.

Contact us for more details. Request for a quote today and we will provide it absolutely free of cost.

Wonderful Company to work with - Taurus and Mr. Sachin have been nothing but professional in helping me design the website and support for my new business. Not only their pricing has been to say the least affordable, the service and customer service provided by Sachin ever since the site went live, has been fantastic. I will surely recommend this company and Mr. Sachin to whoever who cares about quality, service and professional staff. Thank you for all the help you have provided me.